The Moselle Valley

Dive into one of the most beautiful sceneries in Europe, the valley of the Moselle. Enjoy awesome views from vineyards to valley and river. Use the hiking trails high above the Moselle, follow the river by bike or go for a walk on its banks. In addition to numerous leisure activities the region provides lots of things to discover and experience. We have collected a short overview of attractions nearby.

Trier – Rome of the Mosel

In the oldest city of Germany, you encounter history with every step. Trier, or “Augusta Treverorum” as it was called back then, has been the seat of several Roman emperors, to whom we owe the magnificent buildings still seen nowadays. In the 4th century, the whole Roman Empire north of the Alps was ruled from Trier.
Today, Trier and the direct vicinity alone have nine World Heritage sites to offer. Walk in the footsteps left behind by the Romans and dive into the story of a fascinating city.

Bernkastel-Kues – Heart of the Middle Mose

Magnificent half-timbered houses and old wine-growing estates remind you of the origins of Bernkastel-Kues as a commercial centre in medieval times. The “Bernkasteler Doktor”, a world-famous wine, is grown at the steeply rising slopes of the Moselle valley. On a walk through the vineyards you will reach the ruin of “Burg Landshut”, which is located high above the town. You will enjoy the picturesque view of the meandering river and the historic town.

Luxembourg – City of Rocks and Fortifications

First time visitors to Luxembourg will be surprised by its unusual position on a sandstone platform. Next to steeply rising rocks and fortification walls, the incisive valleys of Alzette and Pétrusse touch the lower city with innumerable bridges and viaducts. You will be enchanted by the comfortable old part of town, with its ancient cathedrals, lively squares and street cafés.

Further highlights are waiting for you

Eifel - Volcanism right in front of your eyes
Idar-Oberstein – Home to impressive jewel cutting
Echternach – “Devil’s Canyon” in the Luxembourgian Switzerland
Metz - City of gardens between trees and water
Vianden - Magnificently restored castle high above the river Qur
Saarburg – Romantic historic town at the waterfall
Grevenmachen - Garden of butterflies
Villa Borg – Roman villa amidst the countryside
Burg Eltz – A castle that was never destroyed within 800 years
Mettlach - Villeroy & Boch – Porcelain Factory Outlet
Beilstein - Historic little village under monumental protection
Hermeskeil - Airplane exhibition
Traben-Trabach - Precious Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau buildings